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MNC Interview Quesstion

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Core Java
1-Why String is Immutable?
2-Write a custom Immutable class
3-String s="A,A,D,D,B,A,F,G,F,F,D";
   Find the no. of occuerence of each character and remove them?
4-Difference between Interface and Abstract class(Default question),where did you used in your project?
5-Which gives better performance Interface or Abstract class?
6-What is polymorphism?
7-What is Thread?
8-When to go extends from Thread and implements Runnable?
9-Explain Thread Life cycle?
10-Write a program to print odd numbers with 1 thread and even numbers with 2nd Thread sequentially?
11-What is Executor?
12-Difference between wait and sleep?
13-What is deadlock?WAP to create deadlock?
14-How to avoid deadlock?
15-Which types of collections you used in your project and why?
16-Internal of HashMap?
17-i/p-1 2 2 5 4
   o/p-1 2 5 4 ( Insertion Order is preserved)
   Which types of collection you will go?

1-Tell me core concepts of spring?
2--What is ioc container?
3-What is dependency Injection?How many injections are there?
  Their differences and when to use what?
4-What is inner bean?
5-What is AOP?
6-How spring manages Transaction or what do you mean by @Transactional?
7-All spring annotataions
8-mvc flow

1-Why Hibernate is better than jdbc?
2-If there are 2 data bases then how do you configure?
3-What is session?
4-Is session is threadsafe?
5-What is sessionFactory?
6-what is caching in hibernate?How many types are there?
7-I have 1 employee and he has many addresses ,so how do you write mappings for it?
8-How do you achive lazy loading?

1-Why restful so popular in the market?
2-Difference between rest and soap?
3-Difference in put and post?
4-How to write resource method to save an employee and fetch data of an employee?
5-What is the challenging task you have done in your project?
  ->caching and asynchronous

1-Decorator design pattern?Where did you use this?
  Do you know where it is implemented?
2-Factory and Abstract Factory design pattern?
3-Template method design pattern?
4-Singletone design pattern?(default quesstion)
5-Strategy design pattern?

Hr Round
1-Tell me about yourself?
2-Challenging task?
3-Who motivates you to work?
4-Strength and weakness?
5-salary discussion

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