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ramesh kumar
08/07/2015 09:54 PM


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08/07/2015 22:23:57
actually java application performance optimization can done by two ways: 1.Responsiveness:how much fast the application responding for user interaction 2.throughput: how many instructions are executed and handled by application; these two are depends on memory management mechanism the total heap (memory where objects stored) area divided into three Generations; 1.young Generation 2.old/tenure generation 3.permanent generation young generation:--------allocated for newly(young) created objcts it is subdivided into Eden,S0,S1 areas at the starting of the application all generations are at empty state when application just kick off Eden::: the newly created object are allocated in eden area,s0,s1 are empty state,when eden area keeps on allocating for newly created object it becomes full at that point "minor garbage collector" takes the activity of marking unused object while referenced objects are moved to s0 area,and all unused objects are destroyed by "minor garbage collector" in this s0 ,the objects are at aging stateand eden area again starts allocation for newly created objects when it become full,at this time all the referenced from both s0,eden areas moved to s1 area and all unused objects from eden,s0 are destroyed by "minor garbage collector" and referenced objects are getting aging in s1. old/tenure generation::::: after moving all referenced objects to s1 they are aging in s1,the object which are reaches some specific age they are moved to old/tenure generation,here all objects are monitoring by "major garbage collector" after specific time interval . after aging the objects which are unused are not refered by any objects destroyed by "major garbage collector" the above process is keeps on running at a specific time intervals permanent generation::::::: this is the memory area which hold the META DATA for applications generally it hols Class files ,Library file which are base for running applications. algorithm used by G.C is Mark and Sweep. -----this is the over picture of G.C----------------

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