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NarsiReddy Nandyala
28/05/2015 11:35 AM

Web service WS-Ri implementation question any body help me

ws ri implementation contact first approach in wsdl types section i used schema imports with different name spaces,i don't want to use importing xsd's and inline schema' any other way is available to use external schema's in WSDL(other than import)?
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28/05/2015 12:24:42
Yes it is possible if your WSDL namespace and your xsd namespace are same and equal. then you can "include" that xsd in to your WSDL rather than "import". e.g: orderbook.xsd ---------------------- <xsd:schema targtNmspc=""> <!--some complex types..> </xsd:schema> purchasebook.wsdl ---------------------- <wsdl:definition targetNmspc="".....> <wsdl:include schemaLocation="C:\....\orderbook.xsd"> </wsdl:definition> hope this is one way

28/05/2015 23:57:45
Hi pravas check first <wsdl:include> tag is not available and one more i said iam using different name spaces.may be u r trying in types section <xsd:include schemaLocation="........"> rather than <wsdl:include schemaLoaction=".......">.please check once.i want rather than <include> ,<import> and inline-xsd in types section any other way is there?

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