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narsigh charan
07/01/2017 09:18 PM

Creating jar of an app with its all dependent jars.

I have 2 application App1 and App2. App2 has some dependent libraries like ojdbc14.jar , .... . now I need to create a jar file(lets say "App2.jar") of App2 with all its dependent libraries(jars) and then the "App2.jar" will be used in App1 as a dependent librari. somehow I have tried it while compiling App1 I am not getting any error but when I am running the App1 then I am getting Error called "noclassdeffounderror" for the classes which are available in the dependent jar of App2.jar . I am using STS and I export this App2 as a jar with all the dependent jars and after creating the jar of App2 I am checking that all dependent jars are there in the App2.jar but the file is empty so some how I have written that file but I an not sure whether that file is correct or not because I don't know how to write this one. may be I am not able to create the App2.jar with its all dependent jars properly or may be the file is not correct. please help me how to achieve this using STS(eclipse) IDE or with out IDE (any of this) how to create the jar with proper file.
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