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Arun Kumar
05/01/2017 02:37 PM

using jsp and servlet

1)find the user type whether he is old or new user and we have to save the data from db 2)Find the activity whether the selection is bollyood or hollywood etc... 3)find the total time to visit the each category video portal and find the time how much to spend on video/category. 4)mostyl watch video need to be compared and promote to the top of the list . Note-check with maximum three time viewd video
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09/01/2017 14:28:38
hi, can you explain me 4th option with source code

09/01/2017 23:23:43
with db or without db

10/01/2017 11:22:57
with db

10/01/2017 11:25:38
Hi Haribabu, can you send me your email id.

10/01/2017 14:07:49

11/01/2017 10:52:06
Hi Arun , It is so good code can u send me with db this program code on this mail.

12/01/2017 12:03:26

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