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Lalji Rathod
30/12/2016 12:01 PM

Question about i18n???

Can anyone tell me what is the exact diff. b/w database and NLP and content internationalization ???
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30/12/2016 13:10:21
I don't know completely but as per sir told,i understood is Data I18N:==>user persist his information, but user only know local language like telugu or hindi. when user give information in the form of his local language our application read the data in his local language format and persist the data in same format and result success in plate form specific format like (ex:our java application is developedn in us it give result is success in us english) this is called data Internationalization. NSL I18N:==> when you are login into facebook, after login all the infrmation is provided based on local language,for example our facebook server is runnning in uk,but you are in india when you access your facebook account in india you dont know uk language so our facebook account is open based in our local language format. Content I18N ====> content i18n mean content is constanct not changed but based on location it changed only language. example when you open facebook website it will show welcome to facebook based on location, here "welcome to facebook" is not changes but language is changed based on location..

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