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Vivek Tiwari
11/12/2016 04:20 PM

Please help why i am getting error in my xsd at fractionDigits restriction ?

While working on simple element of enum containing attribute of enum ( restrictions) , I am getting this error.. Facet 'xs:fractionDigits' is not allowed for simple type definition 'price-non-zero-float-type'. Error location: xs:schema / xs:simpleType / xs:restriction / xs:fractionDigits Details cos-applicable-facets: Facet 'xs:fractionDigits' is not allowed for simple type definition 'price-non-zero-float-type'.
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11/12/2016 16:47:52
<xs:restriction base="xs:float"> <xs:minExclusive value="1"/> <xs:fractionDigits value="2"/> </xs:restriction> Hey!! instead of xs:float just put xs:decimal. now it will work properly.

11/12/2016 23:40:19
thanks arvind

12/12/2016 12:51:43
you can't take <xs:fractionDigits value="2"/> for float, try to take xs:decimal like this <xs:restriction base="xs:decimal"> <xs:fractionDigits value="2" /> </xs:restriction

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