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01/12/2016 11:29 AM

Problem Regarding request.forward

the upper code will always forward the request to the Register.jsp but we want data at different different places. like checkout.jsp and change password.jsp then what i should do.
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01/12/2016 12:26:06
use ServletContext object it holds the total application data..put "state and country" objects in context..u can access it easily wherever u want..try it.

01/12/2016 15:18:33
we are not forwarding the data v r just keeping the data in request scope. u can also keep the data in session scope and application scope for further usage. using RequestDispatcher object we can communicate with other resource (we can dispatch the user request to another resource)

01/12/2016 15:31:18
Thanks for ur reply but i have a doubt can you access data on updateUser.jsp without going on register.jsp. I want to update user info then why i shoul go on register.jsp. But here it will make you go through register.jsp. You can not access data anywhere without going on register.jsp

01/12/2016 16:46:40
Hey , very nice discussion. I think there are lost's of problems in yesterday approach & it may be one of them. waiting for final Solution :D

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