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kiran mai
05/05/2016 11:52 PM

interview questions

client round questions? 1. brief me about u r self and professional summary 2. why u want to join these company. 3. where do u see u r self in next 2 to 3 years. 4. tell me difficult scenario u faced in present project. 5. R u ready to work in different domain like(AI,Retail). 6. why did u choose java as u r programming language when c and c++ are also programming language. 7. which is u r favourite package/interface/api in java/j2ee 8. if u r projects belong to insurance/banking,they may even ask questions related to insurance/banking ex: meaning of insurer,insured 9. have u ever thought of innovating a product(can belong to software/ non-software?(i suggest developing farmers based product/day-to-day traffic measures we can take)
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