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kiran mai
05/05/2016 11:38 PM

interview questions

1. Did u develop webservices for internal usage of u r organization? 2. difference between comparable and comparator interfaces. 3. what are other ways of acquiring lock other than sychronized keyword. 4. give me negative and positive test cases for fibonacci series from 1 to 10 and bva(boundary value analysis). 5. what is tranisitive dependency in maven 6. why maven when ant is also a build tool 7. when should i do unit testing? 8. what are the integration tools u r aware of ?(he excepts jenkins,hudson...) 9. tell me spring mvc flow? 10. why should i go for two ioc container for spring mvc? 11. what are the modules present in spring framework? 12. difference between first-level and second-level caching in hibernate. 13. difference between get() and load() in hibernate 14. why hibernate when other orm frameworks are available? 15. how to do one-many mappings in hibernate
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