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Ruhulla Nakheeb
05/05/2016 03:23 PM

ORM Technologies

ActiveJDBC - Java implementation of Active record pattern, inspired by Ruby on Rails ActiveJPA - Open-source Java ORM JPA-like implementation of Active record pattern Cayenne, Apache, open source for Java Apache Gora - Open-source software framework provides an in-memory data model and persistence for big data focused on NoSQL and SQL stores. Athena Framework, open source Java ORM, native support for multitenancy SaaS and remoting to Adobe Flex Carbonado, open source framework, backed by Berkeley DB or JDBC DataNucleus, open source JDO and JPA implementation. Formerly known as JPOX Ebean, open source ORM framework EclipseLink, Eclipse persistence platform Enterprise Objects Framework, Mac OS X/Java, part of Apple WebObjects Fast Java Object Relation Mapping (Fjorm) Hibernate, open source ORM framework, widely used IBM PureQuery Java Data Objects (JDO) Java Object Oriented Querying (jOOQ) Kodo, commercial implementation of both Java Data Objects and Java Persistence API MyBatis, free open source, formerly named iBATIS Object Relational Bridge (Apache OJB), an object-relational mapper for Java retired in January 2011 OpenJPA, Apache, open source, supports JPA API ORMLite, lightweight open source framework supporting JDBC and Android QuickDB ORM, open source ORM framework TopLink by Oracle Torque, an object-relational mapper for Java
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