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Munendra Kumar
02/05/2016 05:07 PM

To make Ear Project

Hi Guys, To make an EAR project you have to configure 'application.xml' and don't forget to generate 'application.xml' while creating EAR project.
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03/05/2016 00:38:13
I am using WebLogic 10 and jdk1.6 I have configure the same except <initialize-in-order> because it's not working for WebLogic. Everything is working fine(deployed successfully ) but still I am not able to access Jar file within application.

03/05/2016 09:54:02
Hi Prabha, i am providing you, the structure of Ear Project

03/05/2016 11:52:25
Thanks, Now it's working fine. I forget to place jar file inside "lib" folder.

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