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Basanta Hota
27/04/2016 12:01 AM

2.4 year experience interview question

First technical round:- ================= 1.What is ConcurrentModificationException ,Write one Sample programme for it and how to resolve it.. 2.What is method overloading ,write sample code with real world example 3.Did u use collection in your project ,where ? 4.Write Sample dao class and configuration in spring annotation 5.Wait() ,notify() write code that one thread will print even and another will print odd sequentially ? 6.Reverse an integer value without using String class ? 7.Where you are using webservices in your project architecture 8.Develope one sample Rest Resource with all the HttpMethod based on your project senario 9.How u display huge amount of records data in UI ? 10.which server you are using to develope rest api ? 11.Version no of your server? 12.Which dataSource you are using ? 13.What is Load on Start up how it works ? 14.Which response you are providing to UI through Rest Second round technical: ================ 1.Project Description 2.What is WSDL ? which MEF u r using and why ? 3.Which approach u r using to develope Webservice and why ? 4.How u can write wsdl if i have huge amount of data read from database means Sample Ex:- ======== interface xyz{ public List<Product> getAll(); } 5.R u used Singletone in your project why and where ? 6.How u deploy your code to see the functionality.. 7.Did u ever try to see the functionality of your project UI-->SERVICE--->DAO (End to End) how u check this one 8.Defect test which tool you are using ? 9.What is mvn and what is the advantages ? Third round:-(P M R) ============== 1.Project Functionality (Non-technical flow) 2.How u write Junit case write a sample code 3.Which methodlogy u are using tell me ur complete work responsibility 4.Sprint duration estimate ? 5.Puzzle --- i have 8lt ,5lt nd 3lt jar ...but i have all total 8 lt water then tell me how to manage 4lt nd 4lt in first 2 jar ..u can use 3lt jar for measure and balancing 6.i have 9 ball and 1 ball is more weight and i have one measurement device/Weight balancer machine how can u find out heavy weight ball tell me within 2 step 7.If your junit test case fail then what wil u do Fourth round (H.R): ============= 1.Why u looking for change ? 2.Current CTC ? 3.Expected CTC ? 4.Are you agree for relocate ? 5.Notice Period ? 6.How u came today ? Which zone u r working (Company address) ? 8.Are u handel both develop and testing part ? 9.Have u passport/pancard ? 10.tell me your parent company location ? Some question i forgot .. Thanks & Regrads Basanta kumar hota
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27/04/2016 10:37:48
Thanks a ton bro.

27/04/2016 15:42:52
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