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laxman yadav
26/04/2016 04:26 PM

friends please give me suggestion..

last week i went for CTS interview through magna infotech consultancy for contract to hire position and they didn't conducted any technical interview..just one core java writen test 5 questions they given .and i got selection confirmation mail today ..and joining date may 5th 2016..but i was shocked.. what can i i should join or not . ..please reply this is genuine or not..friends as early as possible.
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26/04/2016 21:05:52
Cl n ask the consultancy people once...

26/04/2016 23:26:30
You are lucky bro in same day i directly attend hr round ,no technical nothing so i think they are playing with us consult with your consultancy..

26/04/2016 23:41:36
no boss........dont prefer C2H position its simply wasting of ur time .....just wait for some time and attend interviews u will get permanent position ...bcoz i had great experience as thirdparty guy in one of the mnc.............

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