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Basanta Hota
21/04/2016 05:01 PM

Spring Mvc @PathVariable

Hi Guyzs actualy i face one problem which i can't able to resolve.. i am reading list of data form database and in one fild i use hyperlink and i want to do like if i m click on that link then the through this data i want to read data from database.. see code below..
my controller :
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21/04/2016 18:10:00
what problem u face?,what proble u face?

21/04/2016 23:01:04
hey basant all code looks fine but one thing i am also not sure is in <c:forEach> "items" and "var" name are same..may be that was the problem.

22/04/2016 00:14:44
Hey Tarun there is no proble in foreach coz it showing error that request resource not found ... here pathvariable didn't get the value from request path so there are some mapping conflict occure ..but i m not able to resolve this one

22/04/2016 10:07:16
working code.

22/04/2016 10:07:57

22/04/2016 10:15:08
check ur ${record.varname} and var name inside ur Entity class are same or not.

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