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Samarendra Sahoo
17/04/2016 03:31 PM

Sawridge Systems questions

1. WAP to read a text file and print the unique words? 2. WAp to check whether a IP address is valid or not? 3.write hibernate configuration file? 4.what is dialect and why to use dialect? 5.diff between save() and persist()? 6.what is the difference between IOC and dependency Injection? 7.What problem we will face if there will not be any IOC container? 8.why to go for statergy pattern? 9.what is singleton design pattern?write the code and some cross questions like why to throw CloneNotSupportedException and some other cross questions on Singleton design pattern. 10.Why to use Maven and difference between ANT and Maven? 11. How many ways we can send parameter in our rest resource? 12.What are the memory leak issues you faced while developemnt?
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