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ramesh g
15/04/2016 05:40 PM

Regarding Hibernate notes...

Last Batch I compeleted Hibernate and as you told you ll provide some copies and ll do xerox the same but still all over nothing is there in my hand..and with others too.. sorry for the post.... thanks..
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15/04/2016 17:41:28
so if its there kindly upload ..

17/04/2016 20:00:56
The other day, I checked in the office.. the guy who gives the material got angry on asking if Hibernate material is available. He said Sir will not give material for Hibernate.

17/04/2016 20:32:46
Guys ! sir already announced in a class that he will not provide any hibernate notes.. instead of notes students can write some points(theory or code) in a classroom only.

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