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neha wankhade
10/04/2016 12:47 PM

Onsite opportunities is Problem? and what is solution or we donít have solution for this ?

Hi, My manager asked me twice for onsite opportunities in UK. But I said no to him just by giving some family reason . I joined this company in Pune , putting 3 + yrs of experiences , and I got position of senior software engineer. Now , I canít remove my 3 yrs of experience here I have question. whether I canít go onsite site with this 3+ yrs of exp in UK or US or I can? Does they again initiate back-ground verification? What if I caught into verification process? What I should do, whether, I should to say yes to this golden opportunity or I should think about my job security? So ,Anyone who has been to US or UK for onsite with keeping exp? Please address me regarding this? Or those who are in Hyderabad, please ask to Sriman sir regarding this and let me know? And you can e-mail me on . Thanks
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11/04/2016 18:46:28
nothing will happens just go there is lot of candidates like this ok....until ur performance is good

29/04/2016 21:03:46 this is sir mail id u can directly ask to sir and take advice...for better solution

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