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chandrakanth sunnam
16/02/2016 12:19 AM

here solution of java2wsdl switches for apache axis2

first we create one interface and declare the webservice methods then go to project directory on command prompt and go to bin. because if we want to create wsdl file with the help of class file of interface. thats way to we are in bin folder. next type the switches for example we are create BookInfo interface. ........\bin>java2wsdl -o ..\wsdl -of BookInfo.wsdl -sn BookInfoService -l -tn -tp ab -stn -stp abt -st document -u literal -cn for the above switchs we have the wsdl document under wsdl folder at our project directory. then you have modify and run wsdl2java at command prompt. otherwise with out modification also run wsdl2java. the wsdl2java switches are .......>wsdl2java -S src -R src\META-INF -l java -ss -sd -d jaxbri -ssi -uri wsdl\BookInfo.wsdl then go to project directory and then write implementation class and do aar and deploy in tomcat server..... enjoy the
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