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Nagarjuna Reddy
29/01/2016 09:40 PM

Tools test runner

In command prompt iam passing one of the Calculator class with test runnetr if I have 200 I need to place 200 test cases with test runner in command prompt Correct me if Ian wrong
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29/01/2016 22:33:10
Hi Nagarjuna for one class you need to write one test class. Ex : If you have 200 classes , you need to write 200 Test classes. There are 2 ways to execute your test class . one way is : Execute your test class in your command prompt. Second way is from your Eclipse ID -> write click on the test class then you are able to see the the JUNIT test option is there , click on it. Junit is for unit testing , you are testing your application unit by unit , you will execute your test class one by one. regards Indira

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