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RavindraBabu Mullamuri
24/08/2015 09:43 AM


sir all are called data is raw of facts but no one not tells what is raw? please answer any body
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25/08/2015 00:58:08
raw data means data without meaning... for example john, john can be name of a student or father's name or surname as well.Here there might not be a clear perception,what this data exactly is. If we say student_name=john then this is valid , Here it is clearly understood john is name of the student.

25/08/2015 02:53:26

25/08/2015 07:29:18
data doesn't has clearcut value i.e meaningless data.suppose i want to insert a record it would be student,faculty,anyone in a database .we should give clearity to database go and insert my record in faculty table.

16/04/2016 00:01:03
What is trigger ?

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