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Spring Cloud Eureka  

What is Eureka?
In simple word Eureka is a service Registry or we can say it is an embedded server provided by Netflix third party which integrate with spring framework.
Main purpose to use Eureka,
"Micro service Registration and Discovery with Spring Cloud and Netflix's Eureka".

What is the use of Eureka?
Normally in Micro Service Architecture Design we are developing separate Services and exposing each API
as service Endpoint and whenever we required to access other services in simple we are accessing it as a Rest client using third party API either RestTemplate or ClientBuilder.

Architectural diagram:

As per this diagram we can see there we have 4 micro services and each are interlink with each other to perform business operation.
Here rest client accessing 3 services right. how by using RestTemplate and passing the URL as per image.
Think is my service have only one end point?
No there may chance my service can have n number of Endpoint,
So who will remember all the end point URL to access their features?
To overcome this issue Netflix team came up with Eureka concept, letís see now how they reduces developers burden.
As I already mention Eureka is Service Registry, so he give a features to us i.e.
Hey you just register your all micro services with Eureka server then no need to call each service by passing exact URL like hostname, port just give your service name with which you registered with Eureka server and at end just add endpoint URL.

For example:
Normally we are using below URL to access Payment endpoint,
Instead of pass this URL from client just pass like below you no need to bother about whatís the port and host name, Eureka will take care this he will auto route it. If that service registry with Eureka.
Assume am giving service name as PaymentService ok.
So Eureka will excepting the URL to pass to consume rest from client like below,
Now you think how Eureka will identify which port this payment service deployed and what is the host info.

As we are registering our application in Eureka server so Eureka internally keeping one instance of our service, so based on service name it will go to that particular Service and search the last append end point URL Then it will delegate Request to that service.

Internal Architecture of Eureka Server Registration:-

So see the above diagram as I registered my all services in Eureka
So I can now access them like below
For Product Service: http://PRODUCT-SERVICE/product
For Order Service: http://ORDER-SERVICE/product
For Payment Service: http://PAYMENT-SERVICE/product
Think guys is it not easy? For us to access any endpoints.

Letís come to development part.
We have to develop 3 micro services now to check behaviour of Eureka.
1.   Eureka Server API (It is just simple to bootstrap our Eureka Server).
2.   Order Service (Rest resource who will expose Rest end point).
3.   MyShopping (Who will going to consume Rest service using Service name without knowing port and host details. Thatís what the main moto of Eureka Service Registry).
We will develop one by one from Scratch. Letís build up first API Eureka Server.

1. Open Eclipse workspace Click on File section then go to spring starter project.

2. Then mention your artifact id, package, group id as below.

3. Click next then add required dependency from console, to up this Eureka server we need Eureka-server dependency.

4. Then click finish, your project will be available in Eclipse workspace.

5. Open Directory.

6. Then go to main class who contains main method and annotated like below.

@EnableEurekaServer annotation will take responsible to enable embedded Eureka Server.
7. Letís add few configuration info so first create one yml file inside src/main/resources/ with name application.yml.

With this configuration we are informing behave this application as embedded Eureka server.
8. Letís change port number and use port 8761, any other port also you can use but Eureka internally using 8761 so better to use this.

9. Letís run our application then check server is up or not.

10. Letís hit the URL from browser localhost:8761 and see the Eureka Server Dashboard.

See above screen, there is one section instance currently registered with Eureka,
This section is empty as we didnít register anything, we just start Eureka server.

Now letís register rest 2 service one by one then we will check behavior of Eureka.
First build server side application i.e. OrderService.

1.   Go to eclipse click on file Section then click spring starter project.

2.   Mention your artifact id, group id and package information like below,

3.   Then add required dependency like below,

4.   Click on finish, then order service API will import to your eclipse then open main class who contains main method, add @EnableEurekaClient at class level, reason we are informing this order service is one micro service which is Eureka client not server like below.

5. To deploy this order service in Eureka server we need to specify some configuration where we need to mention the service name(with which name it will display in Eureka dashboard and with same name we can access endpoints), and in which Eureka port we are going to register this order service and what is the host.
So for that create one application.yml inside src/main/resource like below.

6.   Now we are done with all configuration setup, so letís write one method in controller which we will expose as rest end point so that we can access from my shopping client like below.

7.   Now letís run our application.

8.   Letís see Eureka server console whether our order service instance is registered or not.

As per image we are good our server is up and server side application is registered in Eureka successfully so now to access it from my shopping client, letís start develop that and deploy that also in Eureka.

1.   Open Eclipse console then go to file section then create new spring starter project as below,

2.   Mention your group id, artifact id and package information like below,

3.   Now click next and add required dependency like below,

4.   Now click finish and open application in eclipse, go to main class and annotated @EnableEurekaClient at class level like below,

5.   To deploy this order service in Eureka server we need to specify some Configuration where we need to mention the service name (with which name it will display in Eureka dashboard and with same name we can access endpoints), and in which Eureka port we are going to register this order service and what is the host.
So for that create one application.yml inside src/main/resource like below,

6.   Now we are done with configuration, letís access Order service from myshopping client using RestTemplate, so letís write controller class.

Mark the URL which I pass to Rest client,
String URL = "http://ORDER-SERVICE/order-now"; + "/{price}";
Normally when we are accessing endpoint how we need to pass
String URL = "http://localhost:9091/order-now"; + "/{price}";
So as I deploy my OrderService in Eureka thatís why am able to access it using service name instead of passing entire syntax.

7.   Letís start our shopping application and check the console.

8. Our application is up now letís check in Eureka server console whether it Register or not.

As per image both client and server register in Eureka letís try to access order service from myshopping by passing service name order-service, which I mention in client controller.
i.e. http://localhost:9092/myshopping/4000


See without giving host and port information in URL which I am accessing using RestTemplate am able to access service. Here for example I just tried with one endpoint, think 1000 endpoint is there with 100+ micro service, How it provide easy solution to us.
Thatís all about beauty of Spring Cloud Eureka.
Refer to the example attached to this blog

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