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  • 11-1-2018 03:41:29 PM

    Hi...... friends I am attaching eclipse(STS) program which adds course into database. While configuring the configuration file(servicebeans.xml), I am getting error( Referenced bean 'courseEventDao' not found,- No setter found for property 'courseD' in class 'com.addcourse.s... More

  • 15-1-2018 03:08:04 PM

    Can anyone tell me that how can I return java object in form of json object from my controller. So that it can be used in angular js program. More

  • 16-12-2017 03:21:38 PM

     Here I am attaching the snap shot of my 'target class','aspect class' and 'application-context.xml' at the end of this error message.   I am getting following error when I am executing my test class:   Dec 16, 2017 8:32:29 PM org.springfr... More

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