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I am a pasitive thinking person Quick learner bcz of that resion as I am a electronics student want to be a software engineer. I am a good dancer I am much intrest in know the new things Lhdjsyeknn ghekn jejune jjejd kkejd njsjd jjejd jjejd jjejd jjejd he lkejhy Poe kjrbnd kkei Kiran kk dirt or us jjejd Jhansi kkdkd. Kkdkdhdkkrkkd jkdkdnyeoen jndjyro. Kkdieoen jkdkhrndken kksieuend Jhansi mmdkdn hari

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  • 17-11-2017 07:08:36 AM

    programmatic questions in core java 1) write a optimized code for if String or integer is palindrome or not     .. String ..( " nitin");     ...String ( " sagar");    ...int ....("1235321");    ...int ...... More

  • 17-11-2017 07:27:54 AM

     write a program if strings are anagrams or not . i have two strings like "raman" and "manaran" , if these two strings frequencies are matched then these are anagrams otherwise not an anagrams. guidelines : .  alphabets cas... More

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