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i would like to learn new technologies in Java...so I'm here to rise my doubts to get clarifications .To learn,To explore,To advice. To the knowledge.I would like to risk myself than my fellowmen.I'm not afraid of failure because these failures let us take to the heavenly success of life.

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  • 04-9-2017 06:47:53 PM

    Incase of Working with SchemaExport command line tool...we can pass mapping metadata using configuration file(i.e., hibernate.cfg.xml)..What if we can use hibernate.properties as configurations...how can we pass mapping metadata information to SchemaExport tool...?? More

  • 09-8-2017 06:00:20 PM

    What is  meant by Interface Default methods..?where can we Use..?explain with an example More

  • 08-8-2017 05:42:40 PM

    Find all permutations of characters that are in given word..?? for eg:If the word  is hello  then the permutation of characters can be like, hlloe,elloh,...etc. More

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