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Currently I am student of Sriman.Classes are going good. He Teaching techniques is Best.He don't like any of his student fall behind, He helping everyone to get on board. I am putting all my efforts to grab the subject. And looking for a better opportunity to get job. If u have any suggestions,please let me know.

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  • 9 Days ago

    Date 10/02/2018 1.if i have a object then how to get Class type of that object? 2.if i have an object how to check whether the object is belongs to which class? 3.what are OOPs principles? explain them? where you found them in jdk provided classes? More

  • 1 Day ago

    Technical Round-1 Introduce your self 1.How HashMap Working Internally? 2.I have 100 employee objects, i want them to be sorted by using only Id and Name of a employee? how do you implement this requirem... More

  • 7 Days ago

    1.what you have done in project ,can you tell me 2.what is polymorphism ,where you used in your project. 3. write reverse String logic input:MADAM  OUTPUT:MADAM 4. String s1="Hira"; String s2="Hira"; ... More

  • 15 Days ago

     Date : 05/02/2018 Company : State Street Corporate Services Written Test of 36 questions from J2SE 1.8 only 1.what a... More

  • 19 Days ago

    Date:-01-02-2018 Company:-Ritwik Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad Found via:- Sriman Java Group Jobs 3  Technical rounds in a day 1st round ------------ 1.write a program to print like this  ... More

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