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  • 05-12-2017 02:28:00 PM

    1.How internally hashmap is working? 2.Explain the Singleton design pattern with example? 3.Explain the Factory method design pattern? 4.How to configure connection pool in the project? 5.Differnce between comparator and comparable? 5.Can u write the spring bean configuration file ... More

  • 13-8-2017 10:33:31 AM

    Question:1 Given the following Spring configuration file, what is the correct answer: <bean class="com.spring.service.MyServiceImpl"> <property name="repository" ref="jpaDao"/> </bean> <bean class="com.spring.repository.JpaD... More

  • 13-8-2017 10:38:31 AM

    Question:11 Select one or many correct answers about Spring bean life cycle. 1. The method annotated with @PostConstruct is called after bean instantiation and before properties setting of the bean 2. The method @PreDestroy of a prototype bean is called ... More

  • 09-8-2017 06:22:17 PM

    1.How many ways to create the thread in java 2.Differnce between sleep() and wait() 3.Why notify,notifyall,wait methods overridden in the thread class and can u explain the reasons? 4.What is callabel and how it is useful in multi threaded application 5.How to cancel the thread in execut... More

  • 09-8-2017 06:14:31 PM

    1.What is normalization explain the difference between 1Normal form and 2nd normal form 2.Differnce between drop and delete 3.Explain the Ddl,dcl commands 4.What is difference between rollback and commit 5.Leftouter join and right outerjoin query More

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